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  • ★ 1. The vertical layout maximizes the use of space, and each layer of the jack is provided with an independent switch.

  • ★2. The bottom is equipped with overload protection. Once the overload is found, the power is automatically cut off to prevent accidents. The bottom is designed to accommodate the coil, the protection circuit is easy to store, and the smart USB charging is compatible with most USB devices.

  • ★3. Lightning protection, anti-over-voltage, anti-overload, anti-surge, durable and long service life.

  • ★ 4. Layered independent switch, overload protection device, high temperature protection.

  • ★ 5. High-quality copper core wire, not hot, with enough material, good conductivity, safe and secure use, long life.

  • Size:B  |  Colour:Purple

    Weight: 1.0 kg
    Power cord length: 3 meters
    Number of holes: 20
    Rated current: 10A
    Rated voltage: 100-250V
    Ambient temperature: 50-100 ° C
    Shell material: flame retardant plastic (ABS antioxidant plastic)
    Conductor material: copper parts
    Rated power: 3500W
    Scope of application: office, factory, family, car, etc.
    Power cord copper core: copper wire
    Color: red blue gray purple orange
    Specifications: A{five layers 3 meters 20 slots without USB}, B{five layers 3 meters 19 slots 2USB}, C{five layers 3 meters 18 slots 4 USB}
    One-piece chassis can be retractable and rotary socket multi-function intelligent USB vertical socket.
    4-sided jack design, dual USB jack, super compatible, overload protection, universal 3-hole jack.
    Built-in integrated circuit, high temperature fuse arrester, safer.
    Intelligent USB charging interface, output maximum power: DC5V/2100mA (only smart USB charging type has this function)

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    Smart USB vertical socket universal jack power switch socket multi-function desktop socket - B07H7XPP4H

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